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Collision Car Insurance – Overkill or Wise Investment?

Getting collision car insurance can seem like an extra added expense you may not need, that is until you have an accident and realize how little coverage you have in place. Everyone wants to save money these days and rightfully so, but not if it means making mistakes securing insurance. Not having enough insurance or the right kind could actually end up costing you a great deal more than you could ever afford if you ever should have a collision. Find out how to prevent missing out by not having collision auto insurance and also how to determine if it is right for you.

Who Really Needs Collision Insurance Coverage?

The answer to that could practically be any driver who gets behind the wheel of a car. Car accidents can lead to expensive bills that without insurance can lead a person to suffer garnished wages, a repossessed vehicle, a foreclosed home or even bankruptcy. Often times consumers try to pinch pennies by cutting corners on the car insurance coverage. This can end up being a costly mistake.

What may happen without collision insurance coverage in place: Collision Car Insurance – Overkill or Wise Investment?

  • You could be left paying for repairs to your own vehicle. If the damage is extensive enough, you could even need to replace your vehicle altogether. The scary thing is if you have the car financed but do not have the proper collision insurance in place, you will still have to pay off the car loan even if the car is totaled.
  • The same thing applies to the driver of another car if you are in an accident and deemed the responsible, at fault driver. You could end up spending a great deal of time paying off repairs or the expense of a new vehicle for another driver if you are at fault and do not have the coverage you need.
  • If you do not have health insurance and have an accident without collision auto insurance coverage, you could have some very large medical bills to pay. Without collision insurance you would also be liable for the other driver’s medical bills. Keep in mind expenses related to an accident can include but are not limited to hospital stays, surgery if needed, expensive prescriptions and any after care that may result from the injuries such as physical therapy.
  • Damage caused to someone’s personal property is also something to take into consideration when deciding if you do or do not need to get collision insurance. Often times an accident can result in damage to someone’s mailbox, fence or even home in extreme cases. If you would rather not be left responsible for the bill to repair someone’s home, then getting the right kind of car insurance coverage is the best way to go.
  • Public property is another consideration. In many instances you may collide with a guardrail, light pole or even a building or other structure that is considered public property. This damage has to be covered by someone, and if you do not have insurance that someone is you.

Choosing between Collision Insurance Coverage and the Rest

One of the best ways to determine which type of insurance you should get is to get your free quotes and compare rates. Drivers often make the mistake of assuming they can only afford a minimal auto insurance policy such as liability coverage. Getting quotes to compare your options is the only way to really see how affordable other types of insurance may actually be. When insurance companies compete to have your business, then rates drop below what you would think.

So what are some factors to help you decide which insurance is right for you?

  • Find out what your state requirements are, or if you are paying for a financed car make sure your collision car insurance policy meets the minimum guidelines as set in place by the lender. Too little coverage could result in you paying off a loan on a totaled car that you no longer have to drive. Not meeting the state requirements could result in fines and other penalties.
  • What type of car are you driving? Financed cars require a good amount of collision insurance coverage and other insurance. However if your car is paid for, you can decide if the value is still high enough to carry more than liability. For older cars or vehicles in a state of disrepair having just liability auto insurance may make more sense.
  • Who else is on your policy can impact what type of coverage you should have. This is especially true if you have younger, teenaged drivers on your policy. Any drivers in your household that could be deemed “high risk” will probably require you to have a fair amount of collision insurance coverage, at the very least.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Your Insurance

Before getting your collision car insurance policy quotes, you should have an idea of things that may alter the price you pay.

  • As already mentioned, where you live and whether your car is financed or not impact your premium costs quite a bit. Having teen drivers or other types of “high risk” drivers on your policy will also drive the premiums up.
  • Where you park your vehicle helps determine your rates per month for automobile insurance. If you live in a quiet neighborhood and are able to house your car in a garage at night, your rates are likely to be better than if you must park on the street in an area that is considered a higher crime rate area.
  • Your age, driving record and even your insurance history record all effect your rates as well. Avoid blemishes on your driving record and lapses in your insurance coverage of more than 30 days to keep your premiums lower.

Now you are ready to get your free collision auto insurance quotes for free by simply filling out your zip code and getting started.