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Collision Auto Insurance – Is It Right for You?

Making the choice on whether or not to have collision auto insurance may not seem like a big decision until you really consider what it could mean. The best thing you can do is first gain an understanding of what collision car insurance is, and then see how it applies to your current or future situation. When in doubt, it is better to have more coverage than you need versus not having enough.

What Comes with Collision Auto Insurance?

The first thing to do is make sure you have a clear understanding of what collision car insurance is and what it is not. The trick, though, is that this can vary to some degree based on who your current auto insurance provider is. In fact, now is a good time to contact your current car insurance policy provider to find out exactly what is inside your own policy now.

So think about these things:

Collision Auto Insurance – Is It Right for You

  • The bottom line is that collision insurance is intended for what the term implies. If you have a collision, your car insurance should kick in. Of course, there are other considerations such as how much your maximum amount of coverage is and whether or not that fully covers your own vehicle and medical expenses.
  • In some cases collision insurance policies only cover cars in a collision with another car. To get coverage aside from this, you would need to alter your policy or even add on to your current policy. The trick is to never assume you have coverage for collisions other than coverage with another vehicle without first checking.
  • Some policies do cover other types of collisions, or you may have to add extra coverage to get insurance for incidents such as striking a building or other structure, an inanimate object or an animal or even if your car collides with something like a ladder from a utility truck. Again it is an unwise decision to assume all of these things are covered in your current collision policy. Before signing up for a new policy, make sure you get all the coverage you want and need.

Is Collision Car Insurance a Good Idea?

Whether or not you need collision insurance for your car depends on the car you drive. If, for example, you have a financed car, collision will probably even be mandatory. The finance company that is providing the loan will want all the coverage possible to ensure their loan amount is paid in the even the car has to be totaled out.

If, however, you are driving a car that is paid off, you may not want to opt for additional coverage. This is especially true if the car is what is commonly referred to as a ‘beater,’ which means the car is just a basic mode of transportation, not in very good shape and not of much value. The bottom line is if your car should be totaled out and you needed a new car, would it make sense for the value of your car to have it insured or not?

Other Things to Keep in Mind

When deciding to have collision auto insurance or not, there are still some other things to keep in mind. For example:

  • Collision car insurance is not required by law, which means the option is yours on whether or not to have it, unless of course, your car is financed. So basically, you do not have to obtain collision insurance to drive legally, but will need to have it to satisfy the requirements of the bank which holds your car title.
  • You can save money with collision by altering your deductible. The deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket in the event of filing a claim. Before your insurance provider will pay towards a claim, you must first pay the deductible on your own. The higher the deductible the lower the premiums, but be sure not to get into more deductible than you can manage in the event of an accident.
  • Pay your bills less often than monthly and you can save even more money. For example if you can afford to pay on an annual or at least quarterly basis, the amount you can save on your premiums may surprise you. Also if you can set up to go ‘paperless’ for your statements and bill paying, you will cut your rates even more.

Of course one surefire method to save on your premiums is as simple as entering your zip code to get your quotes for rates. Find out how much you could be saving on your collision auto insurance now.