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All About Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

collision damage waiver insurance

Haven’t heard of collision damage waiver insurance yet? It is one of the most important things to know about, yet you may no idea you may need it. When it comes to protecting yourself behind the wheel of a car it is important to have coverage no matter what – whether you are borrowing your boyfriend’s car for a quick run to the store or renting a car for a trip. Even renting a moving van comes with a risk and most drivers don’t think twice about getting behind the wheel and not realizing what a gamble they are taking on.

collision damage waiver insurance

The trouble comes when even a minor fender bender takes place and you realize just how much it is going to cost you out of pocket. Plenty of times drivers think nothing will happen if they know the person they are borrowing a vehicle from and are only using it briefly. Or of you are renting a car you assume your own auto insurance or the credit card you use will have you covered.

Well, think again. There is a reason collision damage waiver insurance exists.

What CDW is & Other Details

The bottom line is that collision damage waiver insurance is a valuable thing to have when you rent a vehicle. Aside from what you think you have with your own auto insurance policy coverage or the policy that comes with your credit card, you probably aren’t as protected as you think. Even those who think their travel insurance will take care of them in a time of need may end up sorely mistaken.

Why CDW?

  • What you don’t always realize is that the policy you pick up through a rental agency, travel insurance or other methods may have a ridiculously high deductible. So high in fact, you may as well be paying for the entire car out of your own pocket. Even if the rental is able to be repaired, the costs that it will take to cover the repairs will be far from reasonable.
  • Aside from the rental car collision damage waiver, insurance may help protect you for the damage you cause another driver. Even worse, if you cause damage to a structure like a house or other building you may be financially liable for repairing it. Without proper coverage, you will be paying for this from your very own pocket.
  • Even worse yet, if you were to cause personal injury to another driver or pedestrian without proper coverage the out of pocket expense would be your burden to take care of. This could include anything from helicopter or ambulance transport, prolonged hospital stays, surgery, expensive prescriptions and after care like follow up surgeries or physical therapy.

Make sure you are protected whenever you get behind the wheel, whether the car is yours or not. Believe it or not, getting quotes for insurance as important as this starts with nothing more than entering your zip code. From there you can get the affordable collision damage waiver insurance you need.